Hyacinths and waterways

(English Version Below) ဒီေျမေကာ္စက္ႀကီးကိုေတြ႔လားဗ်။ဒီဟာကမႏၱေလးမွာေရစီးေျမာင္းထဲကေဗဒါေတြကို႐ွင္းေနတဲ့ပံုပါ။ကန္ေဘာင္ေပၚပံုထားတဲ့ေဗဒါအထပ္လိုက္အပံုႀကီးဗ်ာ။က်ေနာ္ကိုင္ၾကည့္ခ်င္လိုက္တာ။အဲဒီေဗဒါအေျခာက္ေတြကိုသစ္ရြက္ေျခာ

Cows chewing on plastic

ေအာက္မွာျမန္မာလိုပါတယ္ေနာ္ It’s hard to imagine anything more tragic than cows chewing their way through piles of plastic waste in the hope of finding some food. In the end they do find some, of course, but their life would be a whole lot easier if the waste was separated from the start. Plastics, recyclables, cow food,Continue reading “Cows chewing on plastic”

Sea of trash

Like so many other countries, Myanmar is drowning in a sea of trash. Where we think we can add something is finding ways to help people sort the organic from the non-organic. The solutions are totally different — plastic needs to be collected, recycled, and in worst case taken to landfill. But organic waste isContinue reading “Sea of trash”