leaf burning & pollution: a killer

Everything we do here at Bokashi Myanmar is about diverting organic waste from landfill and protecting the soil. The easiest way to protect the soil is to give back — anything and everything that comes from the soil should be returned to the soil.

Burning dry leaves is not the solution!

Dry leaves are NOT trash. They should not be burned, sent to landfill, or dumped in lakes and rivers. The only place that they are needed is in the soil.

Dry leaves are so full of nutrients, more than we know. We are rich! If we return the leaves to the soil, we will make the soil fertile again, we will give back to nature what it has given us, and we will make our cities and towns greener and more beautiful.

You might think this is just hard work. But it’s not!

Here are some simple ideas to get you going…

Air pollution = not ok

Air pollution is a huge problem in Yangon and most other cities and towns in Myanmar, especially during dry season. It is made worse after harvest when crop residues are burned on farms “to get rid of them”.

The sad thing is that all of this organic matter (dry leaves, paddy stubble, garden, farm and kitchen waste) is just what our soil needs to become healthy again. However we do it, it just needs to be given back.

It doesn’t have to be complicated: it’s enough to dig a hole and fill it with organic waste. Or make a pile on the ground, compact it, and water it regularly. If you mix it with some soil (or even better, manure or compost) the leaves and other organic material will break down rapidly.

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#stoptheburning campaign in Yangon

We are doing our best to spread the message to people in Yangon and elsewhere that burning leaves are bad for the health.

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#stoptheburning campaign at Inle Lake

We’re working with organisations in Nyaung Shwe to help increase awareness on the risk to the environment, to health, and to the tourist industry that leaf and stubble burning is causing.

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Together we can act for #CleanAirForAll Clean Air Blue Skies
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