Our projects

Here we’ll share our projects with you as they happen. Small, medium and large. Urban, rural and in-between. Community and household. Farm, field and back alley. Bokashi in all shapes and forms!

Most of our recent projects are covered in our monthly updates, please read about them here!

Doh Eain, Yangon

Doh Eain is an urban renewal project in downtown Yangon. They are refurbishing back alleys one by one, transforming them from trash heaps to places where the community can gather, kids can play, and people can grow vegetables and flowers.

Mandalay waterways

In Mandalay, there is a waterway in the heart of the city which has become a dump of epic proportions. The municipal government has plans to clean it up and get a grip on urban waste in general in the city, with a focus on community waste management and recycling.