Online bokashi training

Online bokashi training – interactive and informative

As it has for everyone else globally, Covid has forced us to come up with new strategies and go online. We are not able to run our popular workshops in our bokashi yard this year, and travelling to start up new projects has also been restricted.

In September 2020 we started a new concept: Sunday Bokashi Talks. A two-hour session where Inda shows what bokashi is and how to do it, and also talks about the many issues that are related to what we do: soil protection, healthy food, organic growing, climate change, air pollution and community development.

Judging from the many comments and questions we received while the online workshop was running, people found it to be valuable knowledge. We used the Facebook live platform, broadcasting from the back room in our bokashi office where the rain on the tin roof was just a little less noisy. When the monsoon season clears we plan to broadcast from the yard, which will of course be more authentic – but like everything else, you work with what you have. We may also set up a zoom-based platform in due platform, we just need to find out what works best for us and our bokashi community.

Over and above solving the covid logistics, this new online workshop series helps us solve another problem: how to reach people in the many parts of Myanmar who have asked us for bokashi workshops in their villages and towns. It is of course impossible for us to be everywhere, even at the best of times, and we do want our message to get out to everyone who is interested in hearing it.

Notifications for the events are on our facebook page, we’re aiming to make it a weekly event. Language is Burmese, although now and then we will run a session in English. The workshops will have a different theme each time – with a strong focus on environmental education and knowledge about how managing organic waste and protecting soil are key factors in mitigating climate change in Myanmar.

“Thank you very much. I really enjoy this session and waiting for another session.”

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