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Bokashi Myanmar က မီးဖိုချောင် စွန့်ပစ်ပစ္စည်းတွေကနေ သဘာဝမြေသြဇာ တစ်လကို တန်ချိန် ၂၀ ဝန်းကျင် ထုတ်လုပ်နေတယ်လို့ သိရပါတယ်။ စိုးချစ်ချစ်ပိုင် သတင်းပေးပို့ ထားပါတယ်။ #DVBTV#Bokashi_Myanmar#မီးဖိုချောင်စွန့်ပစ်ပစ္စည်း#သဘာဝမြေသြဇာ DVB TV – 07.06.2020

DVB TV news (June 6,2020)

Trash is treasure as Myanmar environmentalist turns food scraps into fertiliser

Reuters/Zaw Niaing Click here to read the article!

Inda Aung Soe and his wife Aye Aye Than collect food waste at the wet market to produce organic fertilizer in Yangon, Myanmar, Jun 3, 2020. (Photo: Reuters/Zaw Naing)

Inda Soe Aung gets help from his wife, Aye Aye Than, who says she is proud of the business and its contribution to the environment.

“I thought that only poor and grassroots people worked with trash. But, I later realized that this job is providing a clean environment for my neighbors around me,” she said. 

Trash is treasure as Myanmar environmentalist turns food scraps into FERTILIZER

The article went global. Thanks to Reuters!

UK newspaper

Organic Waste is Not trash!

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January 7, 2020

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Business of plastic waste

“Aung Soe is one of three co-founders of Bokashi Myanmar Co Ltd, which was established in Yangon in March 2019, and says it runs the country’s first farm that transforms food and other organic waste into rich, fertile compost, in outer northeastern North Dagon Township.”

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Inda Aung Soe ( Co-founder)

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Food waste to soil

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Campaign aims to stop burning of leaves

smoke from burning leaves  ,they were gathered by cleaning
smoke from burning leaves ,they were gathered by cleaning

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သစ်ရွက်ခြောက်တွေ မီးမရှို့ပါနဲ့


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On a mission to turn Yangon’s food waste into organic soil

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Waste management service in Yangon

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Environmental episode 1

Photo: Any Rev Channel

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