Our partners

Teamwork is the only way to make things happen, both inside the organisation and in the community as a whole. We’re a small organisation, and we work well with other small organisations who are doing things like we do: trying to make a difference, working it out as we go, trying not to let fear get in our way.

Each of us is best at some part of the equation, together we are way stronger than the sum of our parts.

These are some of the organisations we are proud to have as our partners:

Kokkoya Organics

Growers of the best organic vegetables, and our best supporters since day one. They encourage their customers to use bokashi, and cycle the nutrients back to the farm.


The Myanmar startup that is finding new ways to modernise recycling throughout Asia. They offer an organic waste collection to their customers, which is in turn cycled back to us.

Thant Myanmar

Thant Myanmar is dedicated to reducing plastic pollution in Myanmar. They run campaigns, do research, educate educate educate. And when inorganic trash meets organic trash, we work together to try to find new solutions for the future.

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