Savoy Hotel, Yangon

Savoy Hotel Yangon, a classic Yangon hotel goes green

The Savoy Hotel is a classic boutique hotel in the leafy green heart of Yangon. The hotel has been working systematically to become “greener” the past year, and the latest step is that it starts processing food waste in a responsible manner.

In early 2020, we trained Savoy kitchen staff in segregating food waste in the hotel kitchens, and correctly processing it with bokashi in preparation for pickup by Bokashi Myanmar. On arrival at the Bokashi Myanmar yard, the food waste is composted together with dry leaves collected from residential areas in Yangon.

The resulting compost retains all the nutrients of the food waste, making it a valuable soil additive. By diverting their food waste from landfill and preventing dry leaves from being burnt in residential areas, the Savoy is helping to achieve its environmental goals.

To help the Savoy gardeners, we are also collecting the hotel’s garden waste and composting it along with our other materials. This solves a problem for them, and keeps the process close to our core value of “Organic waste is not trash”. Everything can be used and returned to the soil!

Savoy Hotel Yangon goes green! 👊🏻🌱🤗

With Bokashi Composting ⤵️

We support current recycling systems and create a healthier and happier working environment for staff and customers.

The easiest and clean way to compost all your food waste!

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