Urban farming at best

Urban farming is coming to life in Yangon — and it’s social too. Yesterday, FarmBiz had their first networking event at their farm and ”showcase”; their business idea is to help and inspire others to start chemical free farms in Myanmar. Cool initiative! Next time we hope to have a table there and share ourContinue reading “Urban farming at best”

Even trash has a value

Recycling, Myanmar style. This is over the river on the Dala side of Yangon. Hard to get a grip on it all, but many people are involved in collecting, sorting and reselling trash. Some things, like glass and PET bottles have a value of sorts. Heaps of other stuff doesn’t. Soft plastic especially. Organic wasteContinue reading “Even trash has a value”

Jackfruit skins for the taking

On every street corner people are selling fruit, veggies, snacks, juices, you name it. It all generates waste! And while the streets are actually pretty clean, it ultimately all ends up at the tip. Which is a total waste of a fabulous resource. This is a pile of jackfruit skins, stacked up and already smelling.Continue reading “Jackfruit skins for the taking”