Buying rice bran at the mill

Stefi put together a film yesterday from our supply trip to ”our” rice mill. We’ve started up test production of bokashi bran here in Yangon and we’re really happy to work with these guys. It’s clean, they have good quality and are easy to work with.
We’re testing different combinations and grades of rice husk and rice bran to make our bokashi bran. It’s a matter of balancing carbohydrates, moisture and price and is an interesting process. We’ll show you more later how we’re doing it!
Why we’re doing this? The bokashi bran is needed for the next step, fermenting food waste in barrels. You just sprinkle a little of it between each layer of organic material to kick start the process. All very easy and natural, but kind of amazing all the same.

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Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution

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