Blue barrels. Yay!

Finally! We found our blue barrels!
Turns out if you go down to downtown Yangon somewhere near Chinatown and the big food markets, there’s a street where they just sell plastic stuff. (Other streets specialise in printing, dentistry, electonics, glasses or motor parts, just depends what you’re interested in).
So we got a good quote and it was such a relief to have solved this supply trauma. We need these solid, airtight barrels for bokashi production.
We’re still hunting for plastic buckets with airtight lids; of all the problems we have to solve, it seems like this will be the trickiest. Who would have thought?
But we at least know where to find the plastics street now, even if they don’t have everything we need…

Published by Bokashi Myanmar

Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution

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