A village with NO plastic

The Bokashi Myanmar team is just back from an impromptu road trip to a village some hours out of Mandalay, it was a total pleasure to be there and take part in their Thingyan. Love the kids!
The back story is that Diana met Ashin Sopaka in Germany last year and they got talking. They have a number of community projects going in this village – English school, recycling, new community buildings, hopefully a garden coming up soon.
The amazing thing is that there is no plastic in this village! It’s not easy to get rid of as there is no form of collection, so they’re stockpiling it for now. But it’s a start, and we’ve promised to come back and help structure up the organic part of the waste. Some good compost and mulch would really be needed in this dry, sandy landscape.
Thanks all for this wonderful experience, we’ll be back!




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Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution

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