Doh Eain, making alleys great again

Downtown Yangon has all these back alleys, sort of like a common back yard for residents. Normally they look pretty disgusting: rubbish, mould, bad sewerage, and drainage that doesn’t cope with monsoon.
This is a shiny, clean alley! Complete with kids and dogs. This fabulous organisation Doh Eain here in Yangon has taken a grip on it, in fact it’s the alley their office backs on to. We met with the woman behind it all, Emily, today — more soon.
The alley is soon to be renovated and made beautiful; it’s a community project with mixed internal and external funding.
Can’t you just see the potential greenery in this alley? We’re going to work with Doh Eain to build soil using local food waste, this is what we hope to do at Bokashi Myanmar.
There are so many street corners, but this project is the perfect start!

Published by Bokashi Myanmar

Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution

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