Ward 67

Ward 67, a community garden in a slum

Ward 67 is an informal settlement in the eastern part of Yangon — home to some 20,000 people, with no water, waste management or even electricity. Our project partner Green Lotus has been working in the ward for some time, and asked us to help them build a community farm alongside the community center. Well, hardly a farm, as there really is no land in this community — the whole area is underwater for half the year and has no roads or drainage to speak of.

We have volunteered in the Ward since September to teach a core group of women how to make bokashi from market waste and how to create a productive raised garden in land that was once under water. They are now growing a steady supply of huge gourds that they give to family and friends. The ultimate plan is to build a bigger urban farm based on compost from market waste.

Read more about this project in our monthly updates here and here!

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Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution

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