New bokashi yard

New bokashi yard, making food waste recycling a reality

Our latest focus has been closer to home. In February we leased a new plot of land in the leafy suburbs of North Dagon, and we are building our first “Bokashi compost farm” there. It’s a new concept for us, probably the first of its sort anywhere, so we are testing and learning and working out how best to process up to one ton per day of food waste. Our goal is to produce Yangon’s best compost in quite serious quantities — we are determined to achieve it!

Another key input to our process is dry leaves – we use huge quantities of them! We also see it as somewhat of a rescue project too, as they would otherwise be burnt. This is a huge issue in Myanmar throughout the dry season – piles of leaves are burning everywhere, usually combined with plastic trash, and the air is acrid. We are probably the only people in Yangon to be actively collecting leaves, no one else seems to know what to do with them. We’re hoping this is a grass roots movement that will grow over time; rescuing leaves is as important as rescuing food waste. All of it should be going back to the soil!

Read more about this project in our monthly update here!

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Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution

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