Laguna Lodge, Ngapali

Laguna Lodge, restoring paradise by removing trash

Thanks to Oliver Esser’s tireless activism at Ngapali, we were invited to hold a workshop on bokashi composting in April 2019 for hotel staff from some of the many beachfront properties at Ngapali. And obviously, while we were there, we set up a small bokashi composting yard in the kitchen garden at Laguna Lodge.

Laguna Lodge is not large, so we kept it simple. A year later, Oliver reports the kitchen staff are still composting all kitchen waste and the garden is doing well on the bokashi compost the team is making. What started out as quite a strange, new thing, is now part of everyday life for the hotel staff.

Getting organic waste from the kitchen back into the soil is the way to go for beach hotels like this. The landfill in the area is under pressure (we checked it out), and the only obvious solution is for individual hotels to take responsibility for their own food and garden waste. Because – after all – it’s not trash!

Published by Bokashi Myanmar

Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution

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