International School Yangon ISY

International School Yangon, all food waste now becomes bokashi compost

It’s easy for companies, school and hotels to talk about the environment without actually ever doing anything. ISY took the challenge and became the first school in Yangon to start recycling ALL their food waste using bokashi. Several tons per month, and none of it now goes to landfill — we’re impressed!

The big blue barrels of bokashi are collected regularly by RecyGlo and returned to us at Bokashi Myanmar. We use the bokashi in our compost stacks, clean and return the barrels for a new batch, and thus the wheels keep turning. Many of the students are talking about this with their parents, we’ve had classes from the school come to us to see what happens with their food waste and to see how the food-soil-food circle works in real life. They love picking radishes straight from the garden!

Read more about this project in our monthly update here!

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Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution

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