Xavier from France

My family and I arrived in Myanmar only a few days ago, from France, where we were involved in a zero waste, slow cosmetic, organic way of life. So it made us very happy to meet some warm and friendly members of Bokashi Myanmar, Jenny and Kaï, today at farmers’ market to share this great vision of a pesticide-free, less plastic, life-centrered world and to discuss how we can participate in this exciting adventure and « make the soil great again ». They do an incredible work educating, informing, envisioning a beautiful future where waste is considered an extraordinary natural resource and our first action to make this happen was to buy from them our first bucket and bran to make bokashi at home. Thank you Bokashi Myanmar, this is the beginning of a great journey !! Keep up with the hard and good work, you are not alone!!

July 13 2019

Published by Bokashi Myanmar

Organic waste is not trash! #soilrevolution