Bokashi bran and CEM

Bokashi bran

You’ll need a bag of bokashi bran to get started with bokashi composting. Just add two spoons to each liter of food waste to start the fermentation process. One kilo of bokashi bran is sufficient to ferment 100 liters of food waste.
You can buy an airtight fermentation barrel from us if you wish, or use one you already have.

Bokashi bran is made from a balanced mix of local rice bran and shredded rice husk, and fermented in an anaerobic environment with original EM1-1, molasses and filtered water. We make it here at Bokashi Myanmar in Yangon.

Our bokashi bran is available in the following sizes:
0.5 kilo bag – 3000 ks , 1 kilo bag – 5000 ks

Bokashi bran is a fresh product and should be used within six months of purchase.

Store it in an airtight container (such as the one included in our start kits). It should be kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Use clean, dry hands for handling the bran and ensure the storage container is sealed properly.

CEM, Concentrated Effective Microorganisms

CEM is a ready-to-use product that will boost the microlife in your garden and compost.
20 liters is sufficient for 2,000 liters of garden watering.
Dilute 1:100 before use (1 deciliter in a 10 liter watering can)
Ingredients: original EM-1 from EMRO Japan, quality molasses, purified water.

EM-1, Effective Microorganisms. Genuine product from EMRO Japan.

You can make your own CEM using EM-1 and molasses — perfect if you want to make a bokashi compost stack or boost the health of your garden or farm.
Follow the recipe shown here under “How to make CEM”

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For more information on how to use bokashi in your kitchen and garden click here.

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