Handling bokashi bran in bulk

We provide bokashi bran to hotels, restaurants, schools and monasteries in heavy-duty airtight barrels for bulk use. The barrels may be white (30 liters) or blue (60 liters) and will keep the bokashi bran in fresh condition for up to a year if handled well.

Please follow these instructions when handling your bokashi bran:


  • Store the barrel in a cool, dry place. It should not be in direct sunlight or close to heat sources like fridge or aircon generators.
  • Bokashi bran becomes darker as it matures, and the smell becomes stronger. If it still has the typical “bokashi smell”, it will be fine. If you feel the bokashi bran is becoming old, and perhaps weaker, you can increase the dosage.
  • Bokashi bran that is no longer active will become grey and lifeless in appearance. It will no longer have the typical “bokashi smell” which is slightly acidic.
  • Put a label on the bokashi bran barrel and write the date on which you started using it.


  • Try not to open the barrel any more than you have to. Ensure the airtight lid is closed properly at all times.
  • Transfer the amount you need for the next few days to a smaller, airtight, container. Clean this container between refills.
  • Use a clean, dry scoop for the transfer. You can leave this scoop inside the barrel if you wish. Do not use your bare hands as this may contaminate the bran with unwanted bacteria and moisture.
  • When you transfer bran from your barrel, scrape it out layer by layer using your scoop, rather than digging a hole. This helps protect the quality of the bran.
  • After you have taken bran from the barrel, clean the inside of the barrel with clean, dry tissue. This is important, and will protect mould from forming in the barrel.
  • We recommend the same person/s handle the bran each day to ensure it is managed properly.
  • If you observe a white, fluffy growth on the bran, remove it and use it in your bokashi barrel along with your food waste. White mould is not harmful, but may be a sign your bran has too much air exposure. Minimise the opening of your barrel. If you have a low level of bran in the barrel, consider moving it to a smaller, airtight container which will have less air in.
  • If you observe green or blue mould on the bran, it is becoming contaminated. Remove the mould using a clean, dry spoon and throw it in the trash. This is usually caused by excess moisture or handling with contaminated hands or scoops. Clean the inside of the barrel with clean, dry tissue and check it regularly. Make sure it is not in direct sunlight, as this can cause an evaporation/condensation cycle which triggers the mould growth.


  • If you plan to reuse the barrel as a bokashi barrel for food waste, there is no need to do anything.
  • If there are any signs of green or blue mould however, the barrel should be washed well using organic soap (no detergents or chemicals), and dried properly in the sun.
  • If you are returning the empty barrel to Bokashi Myanmar for exchange, there is no need to do anything.


  • Please contact us at Bokashi Myanmar and we will resolve them!
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