How to make agricultural bokashi

EM Bokashi Recipe (20’ x 40’)

Materials needed:

Rice husk – 1 bag
Cow manure – 1 bag
Rice bran – ½ bag
CEM/Instant EM – 1 /2.1 litre
Molasses – ½ litre
Water – 40% moisture


1. Find a shady flood-free site big enough for your bokashi making. You need to use a least 600 viss of compost for 1 acre

2. Water the ground thoroughly before making the compost. Dry soil can suck the moisture out of the compost and it will not be successful.

 3. Sprinkle the rice husk on the ground, then mix in the cow manure and bran. 

4. Mix the EM and molasses together, then pour it over the dry material and mix well.

 5. Add enough water so the mixture can stick together in a ball shape. This will bring the moisture up to 40%.

6. Cover with black plastic or dark coloured tarpaulin to prevent light from reaching the mixture. The micro-organisms do not like the light. 

7. Bury the edges of the black plastic or tarpaulin to prevent air getting into the mixture because the micro-organisms work better without air.

8. Add some water every 10 days if the mixture is getting dry. 

9. After 3-4 weeks from preparation, when the mixture has a sweet-sour fermented smell and forms white fungi filaments on the surface, it is ready to use. 

10. If you do not use the bokashi immediately, you can store it in bags in a dry cool place for up to 6 months.

Source: Adam Smith International, Myanmar, based on standard bokashi recipe from EMRO Japan.

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