Compost and coco mulch

Yangon’s best compost!

We make our compost by hand at our bokashi compost farm, using food waste from the schools, restaurants and markets of Yangon — balanced with dry leaves from the streets of Yangon.
The food is diverted from landfill and the leaves are diverted from burning — a win-win situation!
We make our compost using a bokashi base complemented with EM microbes; this means it is has an active microlife which makes it a fertile base for growing plants, trees and bushes. It is a nutrient-rich mix with a light, granular consistency that will help maintain water and nutrients in your garden beds and pot plants.
Use it as a mulch around existing plants, or as a soil booster around in-ground plants. Mix it 50:50 with existing soil when replanting pot plants and palms.

Available in larger quantities, we can deliver by truck. Please contact us for more information.

Small basket (approx 1 kilo) 2,000 ks
Medium basket (approx 5 kilo bag) 10,000 ks
Large basket (approx 20 kilo sack) 20,000 ks

Coco mulch

Coconut fiber is an excellent mulch. It retains moisture perfectly, doesn’t mould or rot, and will protect your plants from saturation and drying out. Our special coco mulch is soaked in EM to help protect your plants from pests in both wet and dry season. Can be used on pot plants indoors and outdoors, and on garden beds.

Small basket (1 liter) 1,000 ks
Medium basket (10 liter bag) 50,000 ks
Large basket (rice sack) 10,000 ks

Our coco mulch is delivered in rice sacks or similar, baskets are not included (but can be purchased separately!).

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