Boulder Bay Eco-Lodge, Myeik Archipelago

Boulder Bay Eco-Resort, barefoot luxury in the Myeik Archipelago

The Boulder Bay Eco-Resort is a natural and relaxing paradise on its own island, far out in the southern waters of the Myeik Archipelago. The focus in everything they do is on ecology and protecting the natural environment – but there was room for improvement on the composting side.

They asked our Bokashi Myanmar team to join the kitchen and garden staff in March 2020, and together we set up systems for leaf composting, making bokashi from the staff and guest food waste, and starting a process of soil improvement in the kitchen garden onsite.

The staff were at first a little sceptical, but after three days of training and discussion, they were total advocates for this new way of working. It was easier than they imagined, and more hygienic than they expected. As well as setting up food waste flows from the kitchens to the gardens, we set up a number of leaf composts to replace the leaf burning sites that everyone was used to. Better for guests, for the garden, and for the site as a whole.

“A wonderful collaboration between Bokashi Myanmar and our Eco Resort in order to improve our organic gardens and our waste management. Dry leaves and food waste are not trash! It’s worth gold if you return them to the soil!  😊”


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