Bokashi training for hotels and restaurants

We run special training programs for hotel and restaurant staff who wish to start bokashi composting their own food waste in their hotel grounds. The full-day program is held in our bokashi yard in North Dagon twice a month and is open to individuals and/or groups from throughout the country.

Cost per group of up to 10 people, USD 200. Languages Myanmar and English as needed.

Our upcoming sessions are:

Our training workshops are on hold for the moment but we will let you know when they restart.

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One-day workshop:
Bokashi composting for hotels, restaurants and markets
Time: 10am – 4pm, or as agreed

Date: As agreed
Location: Bokashi Myanmar compost yard
328 Maha Bandoola Road, Ward 47, 
North Dagon  (near Ba Htoo Zay), Yangon.
Contact person: Inda (Aung Soe) 
Mobile: (+95) 0977 840 58 15
Language: Myanmar and English (if required)
Max group size: 10 people
Price per group: 200 USD
Clothing: Please bring practical clothes for the outdoor training


In this workshop we will show you how to start your own large-scale bokashi compost farm so you can start processing food waste from hotels, schools and markets into rich, living soil. 

It will help you:

  • divert valuable food waste from landfill
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions from organic waste and instead create much-needed soil carbon
  • contribute to a more sustainable environment
  • create large volumes of organic fertiliser that can be used by urban farmers and local parks and gardens

The full-day workshop is divided into two parts, a hands-on session in the morning and an indoor training session in the afternoon. We will eat lunch at a local restaurant.

Note that we may change the order of these sessions to suit weather conditions.

MORNING SESSION, 3 hours  10am – 1pm

We start the workshop with a practical session in our bokashi compost yard. We will show you how large-scale bokashi composting works in practice, and encourage you to get involved so you can learn how it is done. 

Please bring suitable clothes!

  • introduction to bokashi and EM
  • designing and constructing a practical bokashi compost yard
  • collecting and shredding market waste and dry material such as coconuts and leaves
  • collecting and fermenting food waste from restaurant and school kitchens
  • planning and creating a bokashi compost stack
  • the bokashi compost process, how it works and what to look for
  • harvesting bokashi compost and preparing for use as fertiliser
  • alternative methods such as orchard and market garden preparation
  • planting seedlings, vegetables and trees in bokashi compost

LUNCH, 1pm – 2pm, local restaurant

AFTERNOON SESSION, 2 hours 2pm – 4pm

We gather in our bokashi office to learn more about the process in theory, including more about what bokashi and EM actually are and how they can be used in your hotel, school or municipal environment. 

Please bring photos or videos of your hotel environment for the group discussion.

  • what is bokashi and how does it work
  • how can your hotel, restaurant or school start processing its own food waste using bokashi
  • what is the environmental damage caused by food waste not handled correctly
  • why it is important to divert as much organic waste as possible away from landfills
  • what are the costs and resources involved in starting large-scale bokashi composting
  • how we can support you to make your process a success. 
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