Why Myanmar?

Myanmar is a country that’s been in the news a lot the last year. The conflicts are devastating, and the politics are inhumane and impossible to understand. 
But the story we don’t hear is that of the Myanmar people. 

Yes, they’ve been oppressed for decades, and yes, the country has been hopelessly mismanaged. A country that once had once of the best educational levels in South-East Asia
 now has one of the poorest, and the people of Myanmar have been left behind in the development that is taking place in the rest of South-East Asia. The country is immensely rich in natural resources, but the chaos and corruption in the country means that none of it makes its way to the people in the towns, cities and villages of Myanmar. 
And yet. 
Myanmar is a magic country. The people are the nicest we have met anywhere. And most people you meet who have spent any time in this country are enormously fond of it. It is a country of love and kindness, humor and warmth. 
So of course we want to be here, and try to add what we can. 
For those of us in the project team from Europe, this is something we’re doing from the heart. We want to make a difference. We want to try to add something, to the best of our abilities, to the people of Myanmar. It’s a beautiful country, and it certainly deserves better. 
Yes, we understand that there are good reasons why international investment money is pulling back from the country, and why companies and NGOs are hesitant to invest. But however politically correct this may be, it does nothing to help the people and the environment of Myanmar. Actually, they would need the support now more than ever. 
We have decided to focus on the real, day-to-day life of Myanmar and it’s obvious there is a lot of work to do when it comes to the environment. Our project will make a difference at the level where it counts, to individuals and their families — all of whom deserve a better future with a cleaner, healthier environment and a brighter outlook for their children. 
Clean streets, clean fertile soil and clean healthy food is a right that transcends politics. We want to help, at a grassroots level, to make this part of everyday life in everyday communities. 
Whatever the politics.
/Bokashi Myanmar team


A lot of people have asked us why we are choosing just Myanmar to start up our bokashi project. The truth is, Myanmar came first and the project second. We love it here. And want to add something, if we can.


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