Information for beginners!

We’ve all been new beginners once! So if you have questions about your bokashi, you’re not the first. And you’re not alone.

Here’s three things you can do:

    1. Check these frequently asked questions, maybe the answer you’re looking for is there. There’s also some good information on how to do bokashi here. 


  1. Join our support group ‘Bokashi questions’ on Facebook! The idea is we can all help each other here, build a community of bokashi users in Myanmar. It’s in English at the moment, but feel free to write in Myanmar and we’ll make sure we answer you.
  2. Send us a message on our facebook page! In English or Myanmar, and we’ll get back to you.

Bokashi is easy, once you get going. Really. And hopefully soon, when you’ve been doing it a while, you can take part in these groups and help others. The more people we can help get started, the better!

/Bokashi Myanmar team