Learn about bokashi

Bokashi is not hard to learn but like everything new, there are a few basic things to know.

We’ll be running workshops and how-to-do -bokashi sessions in different shapes and forms once we get started for real. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll contact you when the time comes.

Meanwhile, we’ll put together some films, blogs and user guides to help you get started. We’ll be doing all our material in both Myanmar and English and make it easy to share. We’ll also start a bokashi discussion group on Facebook so those with less experience can get a helping hand from those with more. Hopefully this will help spread the word quickly and well.

We’re looking forward to it!. Hope you are too!


How to do bokashi

Bokashi is a two step process. First, fermentation in a barrel. Second, dig down into the ground or into a container and make soil.

It’s very straightforward once you get started, but there are some basic steps to follow.
Here you can learn how to do bokashi and use it to make great soil!

Frequently asked questions

Will my bokashi turn to soil in the bucket?

No, you will never get soil in your bucket. Your food waste is fermented in the first step (in the kitchen) and will look roughly the same as it did when you put it in. Later, when it comes into contact with soil, it will start to transform into soil.

Information for beginners!

We’ve all been new beginners once! So if you have questions about your bokashi, you’re not the first. And you’re not alone.

Here’s three things you can do:

    1. Check these frequently asked questions, maybe the answer you’re looking for is there. There’s also some good information on how to do bokashi here.