Month: July 2018

Making bokashi part two:

We’re making our first barrel of kitchen bokashi here and honestly, it’s this easy. We’re just putting it in the barrel, adding some bokashi bran to start the fermentation, putting on the lid and that’s it. We’ll leave it to ferment for a couple…

Making kitchen bokashi, Part One

Join us as we make our first barrel of bokashi here in our office-yard! We brought home some sacks of organic waste from the local market and are putting it in a barrel to ferment for a couple of weeks. After that we’ll mix…

Bokashi Myanmar — the film!

We’ve made a film telling the story of what we’re doing here at Bokashi Myanmar — and why! (We’ll add Myanmar subtitles soon) We’ll be making more films in due course to show how you can do bokashi yourself, in your home or community or…

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