Business meeting

Look! We’re all wearing white shirts, so businesslike of us😉. Here we’re so happy to have discovered Singaporean accountant Everitt and finally get some clarity into how we should run our project. NGO, company, or social enterprise? Local, foreign or joint venture? Taxes: when, where and how much. Corruption: ditto. We’re out of the fogContinue reading “Business meeting”

Recycled plastic with Chu Chu

Recycled plastic Yangon-style! This organisation is doing a fantastic job doing small scale plastic recycling. They manufacture some great stuff from the ”new” materials they produce. This is their latest design, nexr time we go to visit them I really want to buy a few of these bags. They’re based on the other side ofContinue reading “Recycled plastic with Chu Chu”

Doh Eain, making alleys great again

Downtown Yangon has all these back alleys, sort of like a common back yard for residents. Normally they look pretty disgusting: rubbish, mould, bad sewerage, and drainage that doesn’t cope with monsoon. This is a shiny, clean alley! Complete with kids and dogs. This fabulous organisation Doh Eain here in Yangon has taken a gripContinue reading “Doh Eain, making alleys great again”